Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Comcast EcoBill Eco Sucks

If you're a Comcast Business customer make sure you write down your account number before signing up for EcoBill otherwise Comcast won't help you. I tried to add Basic TV to my Internet service and first the customer service rep says I can't have business TV since my business is a "residence" so she transfers me to Residential Service where I wait on hold for 10-15 minutes before being told they can't do anything for me since I'm a business customer and they transfer me back to the SAME WOMAN! This time I say the business service is at a "business" so I get to the "next level" in their little game. Now she needs my account number or she can't help me. I ask where to find it and she says on the statement. I get electronic EcoBill statements and guess what? No account number. I searched for Comcast emails and every time I found my account number the beginning is "starred out". So tell me again A) how EcoBill saves me time and money? B) why the hell do I do business with this company? It's rumored you can save time and money by figuring out where the notch filter is for your service and removing it yourself.

UPDATE: Received a call back from my original Sales Rep after shooting him an email about my experience. This is what customer service is supposed to be. He took the time to explain there are some licensing issues with Business Class TV in a residence, etc. So I do indeed need to setup Residential TV Service but the rate should be the same as the one packaged with Business Internet.
2 Tips:
  1. Basic Analog Cable does exist even though I can't find it on their web page
  2. Call after 10pm to avoid commissioned sales reps