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Friday, December 3, 2010

Fixed: PowerPoint 2010 Crashes When Typing

I ran into an issue where I'd open Power Point and as soon as I'd type a key into a slide it would lock up and crash.

The issue seems to be with Boot Camp drivers 3.1 and up which affects Apple hardware running Windows via BootCamp.

The solution that worked from me was found in this thread on the Apple Discussion forum posted by nallex:
Open "Control Panel" from the Start Menu
Select "Clock, Language, and Region"
Select "Change keyboards or other input methods" 
Click "Change keyboards..." button
Click "Add..." button
Roll down "English (United States)" (if it's not already expanded)
Select "US"
Click "OK"
Click "OK"
Click "OK"

Hopefully Apple comes out with BootCamp drivers to fix this issue.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Message to Apple: Enough with the Terms of Service!!!

Every other time I open iTunes I have to accept a new Terms of Service. WTF? Not only does it do it every time it installs one of its frequent software updates, but when I go to update the Apps on my iPhone I get another one for the iTunes Store in the middle of trying to update my apps. And then when you accept you have to go back and re-request the app updates. Why do I buy stuff from this company? And while I'm on the topic why do I have to reboot my computer to update iTunes? It should not be installing low level drivers but apparently it does because my DVD/CD Drive under Windows 7 disappeared one day. Go here for more info:

Either Apple is losing it or all the hype they get for such a great user experience is completely undeserved.